Machine Monitoring ROI Calculator

Adjust the sliders to discover how quickly your investment in FourJaw will pay for itself, and how much extra revenue your machines could generate.

Billing Frequency
Number of Machines
Machine Hourly Charge-Out Rate
Working Hours Per Day
Production Days Per Week
Increase in Machine Utilisation with FourJaw How much longer your spindles are turning for after you’ve installed FourJaw (as a percentage). Expected gains for SMEs is 5-20%
Include MachineTablet? Each CNC machine can be provided it’s own tablet computer. When downtime periods are detected, the Operators are asked to provide a reason.
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Workforce analysing a machine with FourJaw's MachineMode

“We are now producing up to five times the number of parts with the same production costs”

Steve Corbett

Production Director at Durham-Duplex

Simple Setup

Requires no special training to install or use the software.

Cost-Effective Monitoring

An affordable solution – get started on 1-3 machines for £0pm.

Universal Connectivity

Works on any machine, of any age, model or brand.

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