FourJaw Production Timeline example taken from MachineMode.

Production Timeline

Minute By-Minute Machining History

The Production Timeline provides highly detailed visibility into what your machines are doing on a minute-by-minute basis.

Keep Track of Your Shop Floor, Even When You’re Not There

FourJaw Production Timeline example taken from MachineMode.

Real-Time Machining Data

Find Your Greatest Improvement Opportunities

The Production Timeline provides detailed visibility into shop floor operations, unveiling countless opportunities for continuous improvement.

Each period of machining can be inspected further to see where efficiency opportunities lie.

Simple Setup

Requires no special training to install or use the software.

Cost-Effective Monitoring

An affordable solution – get started on 1-3 machines for £0pm.

Universal Connectivity

Works on any machine, of any age, model or brand.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited user profiles that can view production data 24/7.

Locate Bottlenecks

Our dashboards will point you towards shop floor bottlenecks.


Subscription includes security and feature updates.

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