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MachineTablet is an optional hardware and software addon for the FourJaw platform. A tablet is assigned to and mounted to each machine in your factory, enabling your operators to log reasons for downtime as it occurs.

MachineTablet allows operators and production managers to collaboratively discover where efficiencies can be made

MachineMode Window for Operators to flag downtime reasons and tablet running MachineMode attached to a CNC Machine


Empower Operators

Machine operators are normally well-versed on many of the issues that impede productivity but they haven’t really had the tools to communicate them to production managers.

MachineTablet solves this problem by allowing Operators to label reasons for downtime so that Production Managers can understand where efficiencies can be made.

FourJaw Dashboards Showing Reasons For Downtime


Resolve Unnecessary Downtime

While FourJaw’s base package tells you whether a machine is idle or running, our MachineTablet addon takes it a step further by allowing Machine Operators to enter reasons for downtime.

This data is then fed into every corner of the FourJaw platform, allowing Production Managers to see and react to reasons for downtime, at various levels of granularity.

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