An image of the FourJaw IIoT sensor and the FourJaw application running on mobile and tablet

FourJaw Features

Every feature in FourJaw was created with SME manufacturers in mind. Operators and managers can now seamlessly work together to improve factory performance, thanks to a simple and easy-to-learn UI.

Increase Factory Productivity

  • Track machine utilisation
  • Enable data driven decisions

Works on Any CNC Machine

  • Any type, age or size of CNC
  • Every machine on one dashboard

Plug & Play Installation

  • 5 minute self-install
  • Just needs power and WiFi
A graph taken from MachineMode displaying Utilisation Through Time and grouped in weeks.

KPI Overview

Track Process Improvements Over Time

The KPI Overview allows intuitive exploration of key production metrics, such as utilisation and top downtime reasons. Using the KPI Overview, you will always be able to keep track of your shop floor performance.

Live Dashboard showing down time of various machines on the factory floor.

Live Dashboard

React To Downtime In Real-Time

The Live Dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of real-time production. ​

This allows you to ensure things are running to plan, enabling you to respond quickly when things aren’t.

Production Timeline from MachineMode displaying data from previous days machining.

Production Timeline

Discover Bottlenecked Machines

The Production Timeline provides detailed visibility into shop floor operations, unveiling countless opportunities for continuous improvement. Each period of machining can be inspected further to see where efficiency opportunities lie.

KPI Overview from MachineMode showing three graphs filled with KPI data.


Reveal Reasons For Lost Productivity

Each CNC machine can be provided it’s own tablet computer. When downtime periods are detected, the Operators are asked to provide a reason.

This involves Operators in the continuous improvement process, and lets Production Managers know where to focus to maximise productivity

MachineMode is an optional addon

Simple Setup

Requires no special training to install or use the software.

Cost-Effective Monitoring

An affordable solution – get started on 1-3 machines for £0pm.

Universal Connectivity

Works on any machine, of any age, model or brand.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited user profiles that can view production data 24/7.

Locate Bottlenecks

Our dashboards will point you towards shop floor bottlenecks.


Subscription includes security and feature updates.

See How FourJaw Works

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