The FourJaw Story

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics was founded by Chris Iveson and Robin Hartley from within the skunk-works of the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

We founded FourJaw with a clear vision- using big data, we will make CNC machining as efficient as mass manufacturing.

Data is revolutionising business and manufacturers understand that they must adopt digital technologies to compete on the global stage, yet industry is awash with hype about the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Manufacturers want to see these buzzwords convert into tangible benefits for them. This is the basis upon which we founded FourJaw. 


FourJaw delivers data driven manufacturing that is accessible, affordable, and delivers tangible benefits to a manufacturers bottom line.

Meet the founders

Chris Iveson MBA

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Chris has a background in engineering and product design. He forged a successful early career developing: mechanical seals for AESSEAL; consumer products for Morphy Richards and Evolution Power Tools; and while at the AMRC, various products for industries spanning medical devices, aerospace and additive manufacturing.


Due to this background, Chris has extensive experience as a user of the CAD/CAM systems that feed into CNC machines, and has worked with local and global manufacturers to produce his designs on spec, on price and on time. 

While at the AMRC, Chris completed an Executive MBA specialising in Advanced Manufacturing Management, which lead to a career change into Intellectual Property and Commercialisation Manager- translating the AMRC's world-class research outputs into industry. 


Chris is motivated by the burning desire to turn nothing into something in a way that solves a real problem for real people, and creates real value in the process.


This is why he decided to set up FourJaw.

Robin Hartley MEng

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Robin studied a Masters in Engineering and started his career in the renewable energy industry, managing on-site commissioning activities and completing technical due diligence on energy-from-waste plants.


Of an evening, Robin moonlighted to develop computer automation products which he sold to hobbyists and hackers worldwide. It gave a first taste of entrepreneurship and was a serious technical skill builder, requiring software development, electronic design, and small-batch manufacturing.


On a chance sales call to a contact at the AMRC, Robin was offered a job in the Machining Group where he took up a research position developing software to improve CNC machining processes. Robin spent several years in this role, working closely with shopfloor staff to understand the intricacies of machining processes and the data they produce.


Following considerable interest from industry, Robin founded FourJaw with the mission of delivering productivity and profitability improvements to the manufacturing industry through machine monitoring technology. In pursuit of this mission, Robin has been awarded an Enterprise Fellowship at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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Oxo House, 4 Joiner Street, Sheffield,

South Yorkshire, S3 8 GW

Tel: +44 (0) 114 215 8003

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