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Maximise machining productivity with

data driven manufacturing

lower than 30%

Most CNC machines register

utilisation figures

How would yours compare?

Find out with FourJaw

Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform partners with CNC machines to unlock real-time data created during production. Manufacturers finally have the information needed to transform their productivity levels. 

How productive are

your CNC machines?

Find out with FourJaw

The KPI Overview allows intuitive exploration of key production metrics, such as utilisation and top downtime reasons.

Side-by-side machine comparisons are easy to configure.


Process improvements can be easily tracked over time.

Using the KPI Overview, you will always be able to keep track of your shop floor performance.

Where are your greatest

improvement opportunities?

Find out with FourJaw

The Production Timeline provides detailed visibility into shop floor operations, unveiling countless opportunities for continuous improvement.


Each period of machining can be inspected further to see where efficiency opportunities lie.


The Production Timeline enables you to keep track of your shop floor, even when you’re not there.

How do you stay updated

with daily production?

Find out with FourJaw

The Live Dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of real-time production.

This allows you to ensure things are running to plan, enabling you to respond quickly when things aren’t.

What are your main

reasons for lost productivity?

Find out with FourJaw

Each CNC machine can be provided it’s own tablet computer. When downtime periods are detected, the Operators are asked to provide a reason.


This involves Operators in the continuous improvement process, and lets Production Managers know where to focus to maximise productivity


“Thanks to FourJaw, our grinding cell is now producing up to five times the number of parts with the same production costs!”

Steve Corbett

Production Director at Durham Duplex


Become data driven

in three simple steps


Get your machines linked into the FourJaw platform. 


Log on to the web app and start spotting improvement opportunities straight away


Act on the improvement opportunities and measure the gains!

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