The FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics app running on a tablet and mobile. Beneath both is a MachineLink which is the hardware behind FourJaw's CNC machine monitoring platform.

Easy and Affordable CNC Machine Monitoring.

FourJaw is the manufacturing industry’s most accessible and affordable real-time machine monitoring solution. It’s never been easier for SME factories to unlock hidden productivity across their shop floors.

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FourJaw Application being used by operations manager

Simple CNC Machine Monitoring

Introducing FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

FourJaw has simplified IIoT by developing the first easy-to-use and affordable machine monitoring platform that is purpose built to fit the needs of SME manufacturers. Real-time automated data-collection is no longer a luxury that only the largest factories can afford.

Simple Setup

Requires no special training to install or use the software.

Cost-Effective Monitoring

An affordable solution – get started on 1-3 machines for £0pm.

Universal Connectivity

Works on any machine, of any age, model or brand.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited user profiles that can view production data 24/7.

Locate Bottlenecks

Our dashboards will point you towards shop floor bottlenecks.


Subscription includes security and feature updates.

Factory floor example with utilisation shown in percentage above the machines linked with FourJaw.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Understand Your Shop Floor Like Never Before

We all know that improving productivity requires measuring it, which is why machine monitoring is critical to any factory’s continuous improvement plan.

FourJaw gives you a complete birds-eye-view of your shop floor, so that you’ll never have to wonder what’s going on in your factory again.

Downtime reasons identified by FourJaw shown in two graphs.

Downtime Tracking

Quickly Identify The Reasons For Downtime

Without machine monitoring, your downtime can easily go unnoticed and unreported. FourJaw allows you to see and record each machine’s status in real-time, allowing you to quickly identify and respond to unplanned downtime.

Easy installation give that highlights the plug & play technology that FourJaw works with.

Plug & Play Machine Monitoring

Simple and Universal Installation

FourJaw is a plug & play machine monitoring system that can be easily installed on any CNC machine, regardless of age or brand.

Unlike traditional machine monitoring platforms, FourJaw doesn’t require costly PLC integrations – simply clip one of our sensors sensor to the mains power cable and the other to the spindle power cable, and you’re pretty much done.

Works on ANY CNC Machine, including:

Cloud servers overlaid with tablet and mobile displaying the FourJaw application.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Cloud-Based Machine Monitoring

Once FourJaw is installed, we automatically connect each machine’s device into our cloud platform where an unlimited number of users have access to real-time production data 24/7 via desktop or mobile.

Unlike traditional Machine Monitoring solutions, FourJaw is cloud-based which means there’s no need for an IT specialist to manage the software – it’s so easy to navigate, anyone can use it. Plus, our cloud-based system is incredibly efficient and affordable compared to other monitoring systems that typically require costly hardware upgrades and maintenance contracts. Feature and security upgrades to the FourJaw platform are automatic, regular and most importantly, free.

Case Studies

Learn how FourJaw helps manufacturers maximise productivity.

Become a Smart Factory

Stay Ahead With Industry 4.0 Machine Data

The main objective of industry 4.0 is to minimize manufacturing costs and to maximise profit without compromising on service or product quality. Before IOT, traditional machine data collection proved expensive, time consuming and prone to human error. With this comes the inability to make informed decisions and often leaves it to a matter of opinion as to where the true problem lies.

Industry 4.0 marries physical production and operations with smart digital technology and big data. Stay informed and gain a competitive edge by leveraging industry 4.0 to develop a more efficient production line.

Animation of the FourJaw Machine Monitoring ROI Calculator being used

Machine Monitoring Return on Investment

Try our Machine Monitoring ROI Calculator

Find out how long it takes for FourJaw to pay for itself

“Fourjaw is giving us the ability to see areas of downtime that in the past we would have had to micromanage to discover.”

Harry Gray
Sales Manager at KSW Engineering

“The FourJaw system was easy to install on a variety of CNC machines, and started to produce useful data quickly.”

Joe Gowman
Management at Thurne-Middleby

“We are now producing up to five times the number of parts with the same production costs.”

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Steve Corbett
Production Director at Durham-Duplex

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